• Gluten Free
    There’s a reason gluten free bread is lining Miami food retail shelves, these days. Increasing cases of celiac disease or gluten sensitivity in Americans has made this healthier bread a popular option with today’s shoppers. Miami food businesses that wish to include healthy choices on their menus will delight to know that Europan now offers gluten free bread. We distribute gluten free bread products wholesale in the Miami, FL area, where more people are turning away from oily and sugary pastries, and are opting, instead, for more healthful bread selections. Specially recommended for people who have celiac disease or who want to cut out gluten from their diet, our gluten free products are prepared - in an isolated, over-pressurized chamber to avoid any possible gluten contamination
  • Loaf Breads
    The famous French loaf bread or baguette has been a staple food in Europe, originating in France during the time of King Louis XIV, in the 18th century. The baguette’s characteristic long, thin, baton-like shape from which it derives its name has evolved little in terms of recipe and appearance – a testament to its timelessness as a simple yet invaluable piece of food culture. We at Europan offer high-quality loaf bread in Miami, FL, providing small, medium, and large businesses alike the best selection of European-style, oven-ready par-baked baguettes. All our French and loaf breads are made with natural ingredients so your Miami customers can enjoy the flavor of the authentic European baguette. Our wholesale loaf bread services ensure your customers keep flocking to you for a taste of classic European baking.
  • Artisan Breads
    Europan in Miami, FL is a distributor of artisan bread with a signature European flavor.  These types of bread are distinct from other baked products because bakers follow older, more traditional methods of creating each loaf, which are all handmade with care and attention to detail. This manner of crafting special bread with choice ingredients and a slow fermentation process goes back to the roots of bread-making – an artform with the purpose of satisfying people, making them happy and appreciative of well-made food. Miami shows an increasing demand for artisan bread, and we are proud to offer these one-of-a-kind bread products to our clients who wish to provide their customers with authentic, handmade food options. These specialty breads elaborately combine artisan processes and modern technology to bring to the table traditional flavors associated with long fermentation processes and stone oven artisan breads in Miami.
  • Sandwich Breads
    For those who like to pack a little (or a lot) more into their meals or snacks, we have the best sandwich bread in the Miami area. Expand your menu with a variety of breads perfect for filling with vegetables, meat, and savory sauces. We are suppliers of sandwich bread committed to distributing healthy and tasty baked goods for small, street-corner convenience stores, specialty delis, and even large-scale chain restaurants. Our whole wheat, baguette, and euro burger-type breads are perfect for trusty recipes like BLT, cheesesteak, and even full-on submarine sandwiches/hoagies. Whatever the sandwich preference of your customers, we’ll make sure to provide you with plenty of bread choices. In this category, you will find a wide variety of sandwich bread sizes and styles to make sure your menu covers all your customer needs in Miami.
  • Table Breads
    Fine-dining establishments take their sweet time serving their specialty dishes – after all, a top-notch meal cannot be rushed. Often enough, however, customers crave for something to munch on and whet their appetites, while waiting. This is where having table bread on the menu comes in handy. Bread is that distinct element that can make your restaurant or coffee shop stand out from the competition. Wow your customers with our high-quality table breads and they will keep coming back again and again. Europan is a Miami distributor of flavorful table bread, with varieties like mini-baguettes and petit whole wheat to please customers of discerning taste. Whether you serve these as appetizers or as complementary snacks with tea or coffee, our specialty breads ensure enjoyable dining with every bite. Just pop our par-baked table bread products in the oven, serve them up in a warm basket and watch your customers delight in the flavor and aroma of European-style bread only Europan can provide.
  • Latin Breads
    Latin America has no shortage of delicious cuisine, and their range of baked goods is no exception. Their recipes lean more towards savory flavors, with cheese being the most common ingredient in such preparations. As a result, these breads go well with almost any meal, and are sometimes considered as inexpensive meals, in themselves. The bono bread, for example, pairs perfectly with hot chocolate and makes for a sumptuous snack. We are distributors of Latin bread, offering selections of par-baked products that are ready to serve after just a few minutes in the oven. Order our Latin bread products, wholesale, and let your customers enjoy the signature savory-ness of Latin American pastries. Looking for a distributor of Latin bread like Cuban, Puerto Rican, or cheese bread? Europan has them all!
  • Salty Items
    Let us put salt into your life! If you are craving for something tasty here you will find a list of regional specialties chosen to delight the most demanding consumers
  • Croissants
    Whether it is the traditional plain croissant or the filled one, nobody can say No! to this timeless, classic pastry.
  • European Pastries
    If you are looking for more European pastries here you will find them: Danishes, strudels, sweet rolls ... and much more!
  • Breakfast & Snacks
    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and we also want to make it the most delicious one so what would it be today: muffins, donuts, or bagels?
  • Latin Pastries
    Latin America is a diverse continent full of traditions. In this section you will find a large assortment of sweet products from the region
  • Churros
    Want to bring a taste of Spain to your table? Add churros to your menu and let your guests enjoy this delicatessen with a cup of hot chocolate or coffee
  • European Cakes
    Discover a wide variety of European cakes elaborated following traditional recipes that combine flavors and textures to produce unique and exquisite creations